Thursday, April 10, 2008

The palanquin of a Chinese bride

That was a little treasure in the middle of a wonderful day. A few seconds of being transported – it seemed – in another world. On that warm day of spring in Fujian province, I actually witnessed a moment which I thought only belonged to historic books and novels. It was the parade of a traditional Chinese wedding, and a glimpse at the palanquin of the bride. And I could imagine the rest of that day for her: earlier, getting ready at her home, now, in this red palanquin being carried by four men on that dirt country road to the home of her future husband, with a veil on her face probably… and later, the ceremony where her future husband and her will discover each other’s faces… may be for the first time… who knows?
It was just like stories from the 19th century or even from 30 years ago (I had read the long description of such a day in Mao’s Dancer a few weeks prior). And on that day, in the beautiful countryside, 3 hours away from Xiamen, from the top floor of one of these traditional round Hakka houses, I was witnessing it! A very special moment of Chinese tradition! May be it did not mean much to my travel fellows, but for me, it was one of the most exciting moments I lived in China…

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photos from Spratly!

As per popular demand, I have loaded some photos from our expedition to Spratly... more photos than you've ever seen from me!
You can see them on our radio expedition website N1URSpratly, but I made sure that a number of them were not "radio stuff"!
The only thing you won't see is the famous "shark" and the cool sight of divers floating under us, while we were snorkeling! Too bad I did not have that underwater camera!!
Anyway, enjoy!
PS: Next, I am virtually traveling back to China. I need to talk to you about that really cool old Shikumen home we visited in Shanghai!!