Monday, March 31, 2008

News from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia

We are flying back home. Long, long trip back home (5 flights over 36 hours from Spratly to Kota Kinabalu to Taipei, Los Angeles, New York and Burlington, VT).
And while I am flying half around the world (it seems), I hear that one of my friends from Vermont, Ariana, is in Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia, for a very exotic trip it seems - from horse backriding to skiing to cooking... Quite exotic indeed. So while I get back into the swing of things here in Vermont, and get my body clock back to US time, I thought I would share her blog with you, so that we can all dream about going to such a remote place one day... You can read her blog at And don't forget that I still have a number of good China stories to share!

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