Sunday, March 23, 2008

Layang Layang: One island, one resort

After an overnight in KK, we flew to Layang, Layang, a Malaysian Spratly island yesterday morning. One-hour flight to reach this tiny island in the middle of the South China Sea. It is actually a circular reef with the island at the tip of it. Unfortunately I cannot show you photos before we leave because it is forbidden to upload and download photos here at the resort. It is also forbidden to take photos of the Navy base located at the end of the island (at least if I want to keep my camera!). It is hard to imagine what is here. As we are rolling on the landing strip, we can see - just there on the left - the rooms and the swimming pool of the resort. Fortunately, there is only one flight a day. So, the noise of planes won't really disturb us. As I said before, that's all there is here: the airstrip, the Navy base and the resort. So, it is funny to come to the supper buffet and not being asked any question or any proof you are staying at the resort... if you are here, you got to be at the resort!!
Hard for me to find something historic (as I like to do) on the island, but it is definitely a strategic spot. It was used as a base during the Vietnam war... And this morning, we had the honor to show our room with all the radio equipment, to noone else than the top commander of the Malaysian Navy, who was visiting the island today... Yep, you heard right "the top guy"... He was fascinated about us coming from so far and connecting with people from around the world. I won't expand about our radio stuff here (we have the other blog) but yes, I have talked from here with people from Oregon, Scotland, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and to tons of Japanese!! And it is just the beginning!

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