Thursday, March 20, 2008

Heading to Spratly!

This is where we have lived for the past 7 months (well, 5 months really if we substract the traveling as our expat friends here point out). I will miss Xiamen, China and soon Asia, with all the great people we met, the great places we saw. But for now, our adventure is not quite finished. We are heading for Spratly in 1h30! We will report on our adventure there, may be with no photos for now if the internet connection is too slow. It is an amateur radio operation, as I mentioned before, so we are also discussing the "radio stuff" on our N1URSpratly website.
So stay tuned... and stay tuned for more China stories too, because even after I leave, I still have a number of stories I did not have time to tell yet... like the traditional wedding I saw, the great Shikumen houses in Shanghai, the Water Village near Suzhou, the old round Hakka houses in the Fujian province, tea houses and more... So, bye, bye Xiamen... I will be back next year!

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