Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Taksang Monastery (Tiger's Nest)

What a wonderful place! Back in May, it was the reason why we decided to go to Bhutan and it was just as impressive as we could imagine - and even more.
The hike up to the monastery is breathtaking. It is not easy tough. A number of tourists abandon before reaching the top. But you can see the monastery early in the climb, and there is a nice view of it at the teahouse half way the climb. So, everyone can enjoy some of it.
After a couple of hours of hiking, when we think we are finally right there, start a series of steps, pretty scary actually, narrow and at the edge of the ravine. We are going down to cross the valley and reach the side where the monastery is, pass by a two hundred meter high waterfall, and finally make the final ascend.
The reward is to enter such a gorgeous religious place. Not a coincidence that so many monasteries here in Bhutan require a few hours' hikes up hills. It takes some effort to deserve such a blessing.
This monastery has been built in 1684, on the site where Guru Padmasambhava, the essence of Buddha Amitabha, landed on the back of a tiger and mediated for several months. There is nothing like it anywhere else on earth, I am convinced, an impressive monastery, simply hanging on a vertical 1000 meter high cliff! What a sight!

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Pengyou said...

j'ai mis un article spécialement pour vous, spécialiste du bouthan! j'ai aussi utilisé une de vos photos. Est-ce que vous me permettez?