Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blog censure!?

Blog readers of the world: Be content! Why? Because you can read all the blogs you desire! Bloggers from Xiamen, China – like my friend Tina and I - are happy to post blog entries for you to enjoy (as long as we can guess the menus in mandarin), but guess what… we cannot read them ourselves!
It is said that blogs had been used to organize protests and that consequently the authorities have blocked them all. One thing we are not sure of is if it is only in Xiamen or all over mainland China. (Radio-Canada news Home Page is also blocked, whereas I can log to… go figure!).
So, here are a few tricks for bloggers to go around this unpleasant surprise (it is not fun if we don’t try to go around what authorities are trying to impose, right?).
Trick number 1 (I am pretty sure it works from what I observed on line): put your blog within your website if you have one… then it will loose this noticeable “blogspot” URL, and everyone will be able to read you.
Trick number 2: view the blogs through a VPN – you know a company network – That is what we do ourselves to read expat blogs from China. It is slow but it works.
Trick number 3: go to Hong-Kong for a week-end (we need to exit China every 30 days anyway with our visas) and enjoy all the blogs in the world then! Read away for the whole week-end!
Trick number 4: if you are planning to move to China, and are looking for all those valuable tips and pearls you can find in blogs (and nowhere else), don’t wait to get here to read them, it will be too late. Read them before you come!
And to all of you out there, start enjoying reading those blogs as if they were forbidden fruits, because they may be…

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Sue said...

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.