Saturday, May 26, 2007

One week in Bhutan in October!

This is truly amazing! A week ago, I saw that photo in a magazine and I said: "That's where we need to go!". Honestly, I did not know anything about the country of Bhutan (and I still know very little about it). But here we are, one week later, and we are planning to spend one week there in October (we are leaving for China early September). Unbelievable. Even more, I just read that it is actually the best time to visit Bhutan (between September and November when the skies are clear and the high mountain peaks visible). This is going to be incredible. So... more on this picture: it is a picture of the Taksang monastery. It is a 6-hour trek to reach this monastery located on the face of a sheer 1,000 meter cliff. (I guess it is time for me to intensify my exercise routine). And it is one of the most venerated sites of Bhutanese culture.

And for the folks interested in some geography: as you can see, Bhutan is in the Himalayas, between China and India.
It is a Buddhist kingdom, where you even need to get the authorization of the King to see some regions of the country!
I will tell you more later... as I learn more!


Mark said...

You will love Xiamen, we think. My wife and I just moved here and are also blogging our experiences, of which we've had a lot. Bring lot's of cash as that's the only currency they accept.

Enjoy Xiamen, look us up if you feel the need to talk to another Canadian and American...

SBEDAVE said...

Hi Christine:
It's Dave at SBE.
I thought I'd follow along.
Hoping to see some great pictures.